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About Us - Meet the Design Team

When I first got a service dog, I wasn't able to find large dog coats to fit over the harness, so I started sewing my own, which led to me sewing fancy collars and all of my friends wanted one....this led me to my business design of creating unique products for your Classy Hound.

 Scroll down and meet the Team. 

The Designer - Heidi

My Great Grandmother Leona was a vibrant woman who loved to dance and created unique and special dance outfits for her and her friends.  Her desire to create something special and please her friends is what I want to replicate for each of you who purchase my productsfor you and your Classy Hound.

Top Model - Max the Greyhound

Max is my best friend and service dog.  We have been partnered for 9 years.  He was a former track dog, but when people ask if I rescued him, I always reply - "no, he rescued me"  As my mobility service dog, he has truly given me my life back.! UPDATE: Max crossed the Rainbow Bridge in April 2019.


Top Model - Rizz the Great Dane

Rizz is my new Service Dog. She is such a sweetie and has filled my heart and given me soft fur to cry on while I get over the loss of Max. She was trained and donated to me by the Service Dog Project.  I DONATE 10% OF ALL PROCEEDS  TO THIS ORGANIZATION.  You can learn more about this wonderful organization

Inspector #1 - Talia the Schnauzer

Talia is Max's pet.  When Max and I get home from work, she rushes to greet him and then he chases her around the living room. She loves everyone she meets and as you can see from her picture, she is a real busybody!

The Elves - Judy and Surely

Judy and her helper Surely take care of shipping our orders and Judy crafts the Fuzzy 4's Bed Warmers.....sometimes the work just wears them out.

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